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Name:Fan Fiction by Vickyblueeyez
Birthdate:Aug 28, 1983
Location:Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America
Website:Web Page

I can't draw or write as well as I'd like and because of that, I feel as if I'm not giving anything back to fandom. I try to contribute to fandom in other ways as much as I can. I comment, rec, fave, bookmark, leave kudos, and help in fic finding comms . I also try to help by posting resources related to fandom (

There is an LJ community called jim_and_bones that I'm in. In that community, they post pictures as prompts and members comment with fic to those pictures. With that idea, I made a tumblr where I look at nsfw pics and write fic, ficlets and drabbles for those pics or leave them as prompts and plot bunnies for people to use. I highly recommend making a tumblr for this if you’re stuck in a rut. Even writing drabbles for pics are just as good. For those unsure on how to start and use tumblr, I’ve made a tutorial. If you've made one, link me. I'd love to look at it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters and don’t do this for profit. These are works of fiction. (Don't sue me bro). Feel free to create full length fics, remixes, fanart and other fanworks of my work and prompts. Please credit me 'inspired by vickyblueeyez's prompt which you can find here' if you use something. Thank You

Poll: Is deleted fic fair game? You can discuss this at my LJ The poll was first created on Apr. 12th, 2011 at 6:33 PM.

AUTHORS: PLEASE POST YOUR FIC ON OTHER SITES. Every site has it's share of good and bad fic. It's not just limited to a certain site. Nor is a certain site filled with big named fans/authors or only has quality fic. Post to other sites. Some don't only use LJ. Some don't even know about LJ. LJ goes down frequently. Invite codes can be found at (

Alternate Fic Post Locations:
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Lets me use things like Fanfiction Downloader (for the pc) (ipod/ipad app) so I can read offline or on my ereader. I like the traffic stats, story alerts, author alerts, and the ability to fave (leave feedback) without necessarily having to comment/review.

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alternate universe, angst, anime, ao3, archive of our own, archiveofourown, au, author, bamon, bdsm, being human, books, bookstores, canon, captions, cherik, clark/lex, clex, creative writing, damon/bonnie, dc, delena, destiel, deviantart, doctor mccoy, drabble, drabbles, dubcon, duncan macleod, duncan/methos, erotica, fan fic, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction,, fangirl, fanon, fanpop, fantasy, fantasy books,, fic, ficlet, ficlets, fitz, fluff, forbidden love, geek, gen fic, green hornet, harry potter, heroes, het, highlander, highlander the series, historical romance, inglourious basterds, interracial, interracial couples, interracial relationships, kink, kink meme, kink memes, kinkmemes, kinky, kirk/spock, leonard mccoy, literati, livejournal, m/m, manga, marvel, mccoy/spock, mckirk, mcspirk, methos, methos/duncan, mika/raizo, multi-shipper, multishipper, muse, mylar, nc-17, nerd, nero/ayel, ninja assassin, noncon, ot3, otp, paranormal, paranormal romance, period films, peter petrelli, peter/simone, petlar, photography, plot bunnies, poetry, prompts, pwp, raizo/mika, reading, romance, romance novels, sailor mercury, sarek/amanda, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi, sherlock holmes, short stories, slash, slytherin, smallville, smut, spirk, spock, spock/bones, spock/mccoy, spock/uhura, spones, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek reboot, star trek xi, star wars, stargate, supernatural, sylar, sylar/peter, thorki, true blood, tumblr, tvd, twilight, twitter, uhura, ust, vampire diaries, vampires, vulcans, werewolves, wing fic, wing!fic, wip, writing, yaoi, yaoi gallery
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